Car Rental at Ljubljana Airport – Reasons Why a Private Car Is Among Better Options

Car leasing in Ljubljana airport is fantastic start of simple travel. In order to prevent complications how to get to the most popular capital city read for necessary info about becoming around from Ljubljana airport.

Before booking it is good to know that LJU airport is known by various names. Do not get confused if a few booking systems provide you one of 3 alternatives:

– Ljubljana airport – is not formal name, but since the Limo Service functions to the administrative centre of Ljubljana and also”IATA” code is named LJU – has come to be widely called Ljubljana airport.

– Brnik Airport – was official name up to few years ago. Brnik may be your true town where the airport is located. Some times in a few obsolete systems you’ll need to look for car rental at Brnik airport that’s precisely the same airport.

– The third and latest version is Joze Pucnik Airport, named after Slovenian politician out of 90s.

Every time you come together with a few of the names previously, all 3 variants represent the same only airport.

Car rentals at Ljubljana Airport are common due to the simple fact location with the quite small airport that’s really a little less than thirty kilometers from the funding.

Car rental offices can be found out the air port. The majority of providers prefer advanced reservation, since car fleets aren’t as huge as in bigger countries and sometimes the ordered car needs to be transferred for client in any other city in Slovenia.

Booking beforehand is advantageous also for a Number of Other reasons:

1. Transport to Brnik Airport exists by taxi service that tends to be rather expensive – 50 Eur per transport and inferior public transport.

2. For bus transfer you will need to get firstly to Kranj – the nearest city from airport which functions public transportation that’ll desire a little less than one hour and a half to achieve Ljubljana. Buses operate by schedule and usually a waiting time is over fifty minutes.

The other best part about car rental at Ljubljana airport would be that nearest gas station is at close proximity, even less than three kilometers away in Voklo.