The Marshall Plan Novel Writing Software Takes The Guesswork Out Of Defining Your Story Goal

The Marshall Plan Novel Writing Software automates the tedious steps you used to do manually.

If you have an idea for the novel you want to write, you probably also have an idea of what the story goal is. Yet, you might not have been able to define it in a way that is useful to you.

In most novels, the story begins with a crisis that will throw the lead character’s life into complete chaos. If the crisis isn’t serious enough นิยายวาย, your readers won’t believe your lead will make resolving it her life’s mission. An effective crisis will depend on your genre as well as the gender and personality of your lead.

Once you have set up a crisis that will put your lead’s life into turmoil, you will have to decide what he/she is going to do about it. This is the lead’s goal, as well as the story goal.

There are four criteria a story goal must meet in order to be effective,

1. Your lead will be attempting to resolve the crisis by gaining possession or relief of something. She can be seeking to gain possession of a valuable object, a person (as in a kidnapping), information that will be of great benefit, or anything that will resolve the crisis and return the lead’s life to normal.

She can be seeking relief of fear, pain, sadness, loneliness, physical confinement or abuse, or anything else that would put her life back in order.

2. The consequences of failure must be catastrophic. Always, look at the situation and ask yourself if you can make it worse while remaining true to the type of story you’re telling and the direction you want to take it.

3. Your lead must have a worthy motivation. She might also serve to gain something self-serving. However, her primary motive should be worthy of admiration. In order for the readers to root for your lead and want to identify with her (which is paramount), they must admire her. They must be behind her every step of the way.

4. She must be up against enormous odds. Her chances of succeeding should appear dismal, almost impossible, until the last moment.

As you can see, the story goal is the force that will drive your story forward. If you choose a strong story goal and work if effectively through the specific scenes of your story, as well as your novel as a whole, it will make a tremendous difference in the outcome.

The Marshall Plan Novel Writing Software can help you define your story goal in a way that will allow you to bring out the powerful story you have within you.

If you choose to develop your story goal manually, take the time to define it to its strongest and utmost.